The Choreomundus Dance Film Festival (CDFF) celebrates the success of students and alumni of the Erasmus Mundus programme in dance film projects and encourages future generations to apply through showcasing how Europe invites cultural heritages from all over the world to show diversity and inclusivity in a non-verbal means such as dance. CDFF tags onto the biannual Choreomundus Festival organized by Choreomundus Alumni Association and is a travelling festival around Europe (Trondheim, Norway 2016; Szeged, Hungary 2018; Virtually 2020). CDFF is dedicated to promoting the diversity of dance cultures through film and media, and to bridge the gap between dance and film.

The Crises that Move Us

In current times of radical uncertainty, emergent crisis and chaos, we have found ways to enliven our spirit of experimentation. The word “environment” brings memories to our localised socio-political situation, culture, people, to our being and our bodies. The understanding of the word environment does not come through one thing, but through multiple lenses, interdependence and interconnectedness.

For this festival, can dance be environmental? How can the form of the environment as we understand it inform the form of dance as we practice it? How can we create a dialogue between body, land, trees, and memories? How can we contextualise experiment environmentally, or environment experimentally? How can we get a transcendental experience of the realm of dance and film together, understanding ecological crises from the viewpoint of the climate of the body and the mind?

“I have learnt so much from these amazing people about teamwork, accountability, collaboration, care, and compassion over the last 8 months. As dancers this is another way of dancing togetherness which equips us with so many visible and invisible qualities. Working across geographies and time zones, with trust and open dialogue and honesty is perhaps what makes this a collaboration in its real terms. When people who trust their own ability and make space for others, something as huge as this festival could happen!”

Sumedha Bhattarcharyya, CDFF 2022 Curator