Roses of Winds

Born out of a pandemic crisis, Choreo Dance Film Festival (CDFF) celebrates the diversity of Choreomundus students and alumni by bringing together dance films around the world. CDFF is dedicated to promoting Dance as Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and to bridge the gap between dance and film.


Rosa de los Vientos is a research project on the relationships between human and non-human beings, framed in open spaces. We inquire into the dialogues of one’s own body with the body of mother earth, in an effort to recover the magnitude of the environment and experience it through photography and movement. The first turning point, North, is located in the forest of Hartola-Finland, and concentrates on a single urgent gesture: Embracing. This is the third collaboration between Daniel Oros and María Peredo Guzmán

María Peredo Guzmán

María Peredo Guzmán made part of cohort 4 in Choreomundus, she is a dancer and an actress too. She holds a degree in communications and performing arts, and this year she is part of the first cohort of the Masters in Multimedia for the Performing Arts in LABA School of Design + La Fura dels Baus in Spain. As an actress, she has also played the leading role in “Esito Seria” by Julia Weisse in Bolivia, and a secondary role in “Le Chant des Hommes” by Mary Gimenez and Benedicte Liennard co-produced by Belgium and Luxembourg. Other video-dance projects she made part of are “Pascuas” with Ingrid Van Dehoven, “La abrazadora” with Milton Sosa, and “Ultima Ilusion” with Oscar Zoza receiving the prize for best short movie at the European Festival in Cochabamba- Bolivia in 2010. Rosa de los Vientos made part of the Official Selection at Cuerpo Digital 2021, receiving the biggest number of visits online during the festival in Bolivia.