Official Films 2022

Atrateño Privilege Dance

Diana Gutiérrez | Bismark Salas from Colombia

In our dance, the majestic Atrato River is highlighted as a survival mechanism for the riverine population of Chocó.


Lucia Rua from Peru

When you feel trapped in your own skin. Our bodies embody all limitations and possibilities at once, and this is an attempt to dig deeper, to find new paths of scape into your skin, your bones, your muscles, every vein and every tissue, and…

Eegun Szeged

Temiloluwa Ami-Williams from Nigeria

This film is the first cut of a more extensive ethnographic film that was carried out as an experiment in Szeged, Hungary by four foreign dance anthropologists who studied at the university of Szeged for nine months.

Ella, A Female Morion

Bryan Levina Viray from Philippines

Ella Mazon shares her “panata” (vow) in wearing a mask, an uncommon story in a male – dominated Moryonan in Marinduque island, Philippines.

From Within

María José Bejarano from Costa Rica

Four chapters about women, body and territory. These are concepts always changing and in dialogue, modifying each other. The work narrates the process taken by the community dance group in Los Santos, Costa Rica.

Limas Utopicas

Moyra Silva | Adele Fournet from Peru | United States

Original project by Corpusmedio (Adele Fournet and Moyra Silva),  with co-production support of Centro Cultural de España in Lima.

Piangua Traditional Dance Colombia

Diana Gutiérrez | Julio Cesar Portocarrero from Colombia

The Piangua Dance represents a very beautiful work of the women of the Colombian Pacific who embark and go to the mangroves to sell this product to seek the sustenance of their families.

Rested Community

Amin Parvin | Lara Bakhssar | Aleksandar Isailovic from Iran | Syria | Serbia

A place in the middle of an ever changing city, but frozen in time. We embodied the qualities of decomposing, reshaping, growing, shrinking.

Rose of Winds

María Peredo Guzmán | Daniel Oros Molina from Bolivia | Finland

Rosa de los Vientos is a research project on the relationships between human and non-human beings, framed in open spaces.

Stepping Into Machine

Jorge Poveda Yánez | Nina Davies from Ecuador | Canada

With the advent of cognitive automation services, an aesthetic and kinetic gap is inaugurated for human dancers. The presented case of the ‘bionic step’ is an illustration of how permeable dance cultures are to technological developments.

Stuck in Liminality

Valentina Polkovnikova from Moldova

Imagine going through a ritual when the liminality seems to never end. That is what the film captures, the feeling of uncertainty due to the extended transitional phase.

The Secret Of The Blessed

Diego Marín from Mexico

An elite group secretively gathers to ritualize the arrival of an enigmatic message that promises blessing.

Twilight Chants

Joko Sudibyo | Galih Suci Manganti from Indonesia

The change will happen. Change is a divine mystery. Change makes us realize that we will surely return to the creator no matter how far we go.