From Within

From Within

Born out of a pandemic crisis, Choreo Dance Film Festival (CDFF) celebrates the diversity of Choreomundus students and alumni by bringing together dance films around the world. CDFF is dedicated to promoting Dance as Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and to bridge the gap between dance and film.


Four chapters about women, body and territory. These are concepts always changing and in dialogue, modifying each other. The work narrates the process taken by the community dance group in Los Santos, Costa Rica.

Director – María José Bejarano

María José Bejarano Salazar Costa Rica, 1987. She has a degree in psychology and specialized in Dance Movement Therapy in Argentina. She recently completed the Erasmus+ Choreomundus Program. She has worked on the empowerment of vulnerable communities through play, community arts and dance in Costa Rica, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia. As a community dance artist and Dance Movement Therapist, she is currently developing Proyecto Colibrí – Acompañamiento Creativo, a Costa Rica-based initiative that aims for community development through community dance, ICH, and the research of corporeal tools for social change and sustainable development. Her academic research focuses on the relationships between dance, community, and territory.