Film Screening Schedule

Films are available for online viewing from 28 August to 3 September 2022

Day 1 – 28th August at La Jetée


19h30 Opening / Inauguration

20h00 Promotional film video

20h15 Screening / projection

Rose of Winds (Bolivia-Finland) by Maria Peredo

Stepping Into Machine (United Kingdom) by Jorge Poveda Yánez

Caged (Peru) by Lucia Rua Bustamante

From Within (Costa Rica)Maria Jose Bejarano

A Day in Clermont-Ferrand (France) by Heather van Niekerk

20h45 Panel discussion with filmmakers

Day 2 – 29th August at Salle Conchon
7:30 pm Screening Of Films

  • Eegun Szeged by Temi Ami-Williams
  • Rested Community by Amin Parvin, Lara Bakhssar and Aleksandar Isailovic
  • Ella, a Female Morion by Bryan Viray
  • Twilight Chants by Joko Sudibyo and Galih Suci Manganti.
8:30 pm Panel Discussion 2
9:30 pm End
Day 3 – 30th August at Salle Conchon
7:30 pm Screening Of Films

  • Stuck in Liminality by Valentina Polkovnikova
  • Piangua Traditional Dance Colombia by Diana Gutiérrez and Julio Cesar Portocarrero
  • Secret of the Blessed by Diego Marín
  • Atrateño Privileged Dance by Diana Gutiérrez and Bismark Salas
  • Limas Utopicas by Moyra Silva and Adele Fournet
8:30 pm Award Ceremony
9:00 pm Cocktail Party

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