Organizing Committee

12 Committee Members from 10 different countries coming together in the spirit of Choreomundus, celebrating differences in their common love for dance and film.

Shanny Rann

from Malaysia / Canada


Pamela Santana

from Peru


Bryan Levina Viray

from Philippines

Production Director

Sumedha Bhattarcharyya

from New Delhi, India


Temi Ami-Williams

from Nigeria


María Peredo Guzmán

from Bolivia / Italia

Logistics Director

Sriradha Paul

from India

Logistics Expert

Kavya Iyer

from India / Japan

Marketing Director

Masha Kardash

from Ukraine

Marketing Expert

Natasha Martin

from Greece

Outreach Director

Beatriz Herrera Corado

from Guatemala

Communications Director

Lenin Quesada

from Costa Rica

Communications Expert

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the committee that is so unique with a diverse international team. This whole intention of making this festival a success—that energy, that spirit is bringing all of us together, though we are remotely situated, scattered across the world.”

Sriradha Paul, CDFF 2022 Logistics Expert