The Secret Of The Blessed

The Secret Of The Blessed

Born out of a pandemic crisis, Choreo Dance Film Festival (CDFF) celebrates the diversity of Choreomundus students and alumni by bringing together dance films around the world. CDFF is dedicated to promoting Dance as Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and to bridge the gap between dance and film.


An elite group secretively gathers to ritualize the arrival of an enigmatic message that promises blessing.

Director – Diego Marín

Diego Marín is a transdisciplinary artist rooted in physicality; his poetics —deployed through physical and virtual media— is intimately tied to sensorial rhythm and symbolic composition. His artistic proposal constantly criticises postmodernity from surrealist atmospheres that question the human condition and make visible the complexity of everyday life.

Diego is now initiating his new dance creation and research project ‘Dancing embryo’ at the Institute of the Future of Intelligence (University of Cambridge) in which he addresses a set of intersectional issues from cyborg anthropology, posthumanism and embodied cognition. His project is based on the ethnographic documentation of the co-creation of dance between him and an evolving AI dancer.